Apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

In September 2018, the government announced changes to their Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme, sometimes called Turkey Golden Visa. These changes mean that buyers can obtain citizenship and a passport from as little as $400,000 USD, down from the original $1,000,000 USD previously. This has made the programme one of the most affordable and attractive citizenship initiatives around the world.

Since then, thousands of investors have obtained citizenship through purchasing real estate, with Property Turkey helping many.

If you purchase a home in Turkey that is worth at least $400,000 USD, you can become a Turkish citizen. Along your application, your spouse and any children under the age of 18 will also be granted Turkish citizenship. Those who are successful in their application, will have Turkish citizenship forever and any children born after will be born as citizens. Turkey allows dual nationality, allowing you to keep multiple citizenships alongside your Turkish one.

Facts about Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

You will need to keep all of your investments for 3 years.

You are free to sell your property once the required time has expired.
The applicant, spouse of the applicant, and any children under 18 will be granted Turkish Citizenship.

You are not required to live in Turkey in order to make use of the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Your Citizenship will remain forever and any children born after will be citizens of Turkey.

You can keep multiple citizenships as Turkey allows dual citizenship.

Steps for Turkish Citizenship Application by Real Estate Investment

Step 1 – Get a Tax Registration Number
Tax Registration number can be obtained from any tax office in Turkey. Original Passport and Photos are required.

Step 2 – Open a Turkish Bank Account
Documentation of transactions during the buying stage will be necessary. Original Passport and Tax Registration Number are required. An Official Document (such as Public Utility Bill) that shows your current address is required to open a bank account.

Step 3 – Find the Property
Needs to be a Total Value of $400,000 USD or equivalent in Turkish Lira (can be single or multiple units). Properties must be Completed, or Close to Completion with Habitation License granted and Construction Servitude or Title Deed ready. Must be suitable for an Official Valuation Survey.

Step 4 – Buy the Property
Use a Bank Transfer and document the transaction by receipt. Get the Title Deed Registry and/or Notarised Sales Contract annotated with “Not To Be Sold For 3 Years” as part of the requirement. After three years, you can sell your property investment in Turkey as your citizenship is guaranteed forever.

Step 5 – Obtain the Certificate of Conformity
Provide the Official Valuation Survey and submit the Bank Transfer Receipt. Apply to Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation.

Step 6 – Apply for Turkish Residency
Gather the required Documents before applying for your residence permit. Apply to Directorate General of Migration Management. The residence permit is an important step to receiving your citizenship and eventual passport.

Step 7 – Apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment
Gather the required Documents before applying for Citizenship. Apply to Directorate General of Migration Management.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment FAQ’s

How long does it take to obtain Turkish Citizenship?
In Property Turkey’s experience, it normally takes between 2 – 4 months to complete the process for our clients to obtain Turkish Citizenship by Investment program. This process is a lot quicker than other countries around the globe which can take years.

Can my children and dependents obtain citizenship?
Yes. If you purchase a property worth $400,000 USD, you can obtain citizenship and a Turkish passport for yourself, your spouse, and children under 18 years of age. Any kids that are over 18 will need to purchase real estate in their own name worth $400,000 USD.

After I have Turkish Citizenship and passport, do I need to live in Turkey?
No. You do not need to live in Turkey in order to keep your citizenship and passport. There are no minimum required days per year that you have to stay in Turkey. Your Citizenship is yours for life.

Do I have to give up my birth citizenship in order to become a Turkish citizen?
No. You do not have to give up the citizenship of your birth in order to become a Turkish citizen because Turkey allows its citizens to keep dual nationality and passports.

Will my Turkish Citizenship expire at some point?
Your citizenship will never expire. Once you have completed the process and held your property for a minimum of three years, your citizenship is guaranteed forever. This is the same for your spouse and any children include within your application.

Do I need to learn Turkish to get a Turkish passport?
While other citizenship programs and countries require you to pass a language test in order to obtain a passport, Turkey does not. You do not need to learn Turkish in order to apply for a passport. However, if you choose to live in Turkey permanently, it is highly recommended to learn the basics of the language in order to easily integrate into life within the country.

How strong is a Turkish passport? How many countries can I travel to?
Having a Turkish passport provides visa-free access to more than 100 countries around the world. These countries include: Japan, South Korea, South America, and more. Someone with a Turkish passport can also travel relatively easily to the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and European Union countries. NOTE : A Turkish passport is renewable every ten years.

Relocating to the UK or USA
As a Turkish national, you can apply for a Business Person visa to live and eventually obtain British citizenship. You can also apply for the E-2 Investor Visa to help relocate to the USA. If you dream of living in the UK or USA, Turkish Citizenship can be the gateway.

Do I need to declare my wealth to Turkish authorities?
No. Turkish tax authorities will not ask you any questions regarding your current financial status or existing assets.

Are there tax implications I should know about?
As of 2022, Turkey has double taxation agreements with most countries throughout the developed world. Therefore, if you have paid taxes on your income earned from outside of Turkey, it is unlikely that you will be taxed again by the Turkish government. For more information, contact us to speak with a Turkish tax expert.

Are there any nationals who cannot apply for Turkish Citizenship?
Under current Turkish law, there are citizens of certain countries that are prohibited from applying for Turkish Citizenship by Investment. Presently, these are nationals of the following countries: Armenia, Cuba, North Korea, and Syria.

Can I work in Turkey if my application is successful?
Yes. Those who apply for citizenship and obtain it, are then free to work in Turkey without the need of a work permit. Citizenship makes it easier to work in Turkey.

Do I need to undertake Military Service?
No. Applicants who have invested in Turkey and obtained their citizenship are exempt from mandatory military service. This also includes your dependents who have applied alongside you.

What are the inheritance laws of Turkey?
Turkish law fully protects its citizens and legal heirs in the unfortunate event of a death. Under Turkish law, your property and investment will smoothly pass down to your loved ones without much red tape.

Can I pay using a currency that is not Turkish Lira?
UPDATE : As of January 2022, buyers can no longer deposit money straight into the account of the seller. Instead, foreign buyers are now required to send their funds to a Turkish bank prior to purchasing a property. The bank will then exchange the currency via Turkey’s Central Bank rate into Turkish Liras for the purchase.