Land Development & Valuation

m² Real Estate focuses on land development to produce build ready lots and a variety of residential communities successfully.

m² Real Estate has a traditional approach to its business, trust, and respect.

This approach has resulted in productive long-term relationships with its partners, lenders, contractors, consultants and all kind of designers and real estate agencies. This perspective extends to all our actions and interactions, looking to generate value in every deal for every participant.

Real estate valuation is a process of using three methods (sales comparison, cost, and income approaches) to determine the current value of a potential real estate investment. This value helps compare investment opportunities with each other. The value of a property may or may not be different from its price.

An accurate valuation or appraisal of a real estate property is crucial for making wise investment decisions. Some real estate investment companies have entire teams whose main purpose is to determine the value of new real estate opportunities and the company’s current real estate assets.